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December 1-3, 2021
«Education of Children with Special Needs in the Modern World: Values, Meanings, Technologies»
About the conference
Education of Children with Special Needs in the Modern World: Values, Meanings, Technologies Conference (hereinafter the Conference) is held in order to identify and share the best practices of the subjects of the Russian Federation, representatives of domestic and foreign scientific communities, members of public organizations on the development of projects and programs in the system of education of children with disabilities.
Conference goals
Discussion and replication of the most successful psychological and pedagogical practices aimed at improving the quality of education of children with special educational needs and disabilities.
Involvement of young scientists in the modern challenges of education of children with special educational needs and disabilities.
Establishing scientific contacts.
Digitalization of Special and Inclusive Education
Main topics: new opportunities and risks of digitalization of special and inclusive education, distance learning of children with disabilities during the pandemic, the impact of computer technologies on the health of children with special educational needs, educational needs and needs of specialists, parents and students with disabilities in the organization of online education.
Life Competencies of Children with Special Educational Needs: Formation and Development
Main topics: legal literacy of specialists, parents and students with disabilities, financial literacy in the structure of life competencies of adolescents and adults with special educational needs, language competencies and ways of their formation in a multicultural educational environment, the formation and development of mobility and independence in students of special and inclusive schools.
Social Integration and Inclusion of Children with Different Educational Opportunities and Needs
Main topics: social inclusion of, support for children in difficult life situations, inclusive education for children raised in bilingual families, issues of assessment and implementation of individual inclinations and interests of children with special educational needs, models of social integration in education, creativity, sports, and art.
Educational Resources in the Socialization of People with Severe Intellectual Disabilities: Lifelong Learning and Support
Main topics: therapeutic pedagogy, strategies for the education of children with severe intellectual disabilities, the social environment and approaches to its formation, the design of special individual development programs, the problems of training specialists to support families raising children with severe developmental disabilities.
Rehabilitation by Means of Education of Children with Chronic Diseases
Main topics: hospital pedagogy and hospital school, development and implementation of educational environment for children undergoing long-term treatment, individual educational programs for long-term seriously ill children, a network model of the association of medical and educational organizations, issues of rehabilitation of children at the end of treatment, psychological and pedagogical technologies in pediatric practice, accompanying the child's family in a hospital setting by specialists of the psychological and pedagogical profile.
Professional Training and Professional Orientation: Continuity, Variability, Accessibility
Main topics: new opportunities for meaningful choice of profession and employment for students with special needs, a modular system for selecting professional actions when having health restrictions, special forms of vocational training for adolescents with intellectual disabilities, cooperation between schools, colleges, and enterprises in the issues of vocational training and employment of people with special educational needs, opportunities for changing professions.
Communication of Children and Adults with Special Educational Needs: Approaches, Development Strategies, Technologies
Main topics: research of communication features in children and adults, communication of children of different nosological groups, modern technologies in the development of communication, alternative and additional communication, the communicative orientation of the educational process, the specifics of communication in the family environment, the impact of mass use of social media and messengers on the communication strategies of modern children.
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Institute of Special Education of the Russian Academy of Education

8 Pogodinskaya Str., bldg. 1, Moscow, Russia
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